Our dream

We see a church where God's presence is strongly felt, where lives are changed forever. Through the encounter with God, people gain meaning, the sick become healthy, broken relationships are healed, people under pressure and worries are filled with joy and hope. We see a church filled with passionate people. We love to pray, worship and generously give our best because Jesus is the center.

Dan Schmid and Karin Schmid

We see a church in which people deepen their faith in God's Word with enthusiasm and step by step become more like Jesus. In this church music, arts and performing dance are used and developed in a contemporary way to give glory to God. We see a smiling church where the atmosphere is positive and contagious. The cohesion is strong in small groups. People have fun building the church. We see a church at the pulse of the times, filled with the love of God, where the sermon is communicated in a language that is relevant to everyday life and inspires the world. The leaders love to serve people. We see an international church that changes the lives of many people and has a positive impact on the world. People from all nations and generations are gathered with the same vision and form a strong unity. We see a church that is growing in numbers so that as many people as possible come into contact with the gospel. It is constantly multiplying and founding new churches. We see a church doing what God has prepared for them. We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit, which wants to become effective through us.

Dan & Karin Schmid - Lead Pastors celebrant life church


Let as many people as possible blossom through Jesus Christ


Experience what God can do through you

Our values

Jesus in the center

Unconditional acceptance


Life in development