God’s vision for the Celebrate Life Church is that as many people as possible should blossom in their lives through Jesus Christ. This happens naturally when people give generously with a grateful heart. We believe that people who invest generously in our Celebrate Life church and God’s Kingdom will experience what God will do through their good example of generosity. The Celebrate Life Church is not built on talents alone but on the generosity and determination of many people. The church is a living organism, a loving community. Thank you for being part of it.

Important advice:

Our association is recognized as a non-profit organization. At the beginning of the following year you will receive a donation receipt. Please indicate your full address in the usage description. 

US Tax Payers can give easy with our partner Trust Brigde see the informations at the end.

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Spendensumme: €20.00

Internationals @ City Campus Stuttgart:

Celebrate Life Church e.V.
IBAN: DE91 6009 0100 0090 3600 60

Celebrate Life Fund

Building Fund Main Campus und andere Projekte für Gemeindebau, Mission und Hilfe.
IBAN: DE82 6009 0100 0090 3600 28

Information for US-Citzens: Our Partnership with Trust Bridge Global

Information for US-Citzens: Our Partnership with Trust Bridge Global Thank you for your support! It is our hope to mobilize your giving to its maximum potential. Our charity fund at Trust Bridge Global allows you to give easily and conveniently. Benefits of giving to the Celebrate Life Church Fund at Trust Bridge Global

  • Receive USA, Canadian, UK or Swiss charitable tax Benefits
  • Lower costs, so more of your money goes directly to good works
  • Secure and confidential giving platform

For more Information ask Tobi Plieninger tobias.plieninger at celebratelife.church our leader of church Management or Tricia Collions tcollins at trustbrigdeglobal dot com from our Partner Trust Brigde.