Registration Online services during Covid-19

Dear friends of Celebrate Life Church, 

We are very happy that we can have our celebrations in the church again starting May 10th. We will start with the City Campus Stuttgart. In Heilbronn and Ulm we will continue on site as soon as possible. Our church services will continue to be available online. In addition, for Celebrate Life Kids there will be an interactive service available soon. This means it will be possible for everyone to stay connected with us. 

Our approach was discussed by the leadership team and formed after reading information about the regulations from the authorities, time spent in prayer, and listening to God. The Leadership Team has decided on the health protection plan in unity. Together with our team leader and the ingenious dream team, we will bring in a lot of creativity. Through this, many people will experience what God can do through them. We will see how many people can flourish and blossom through Jesus Christ. 

Health Plan online (Status 6.05.2020)

The health of our visitors is absolutely important to us. Therefore you will receive some instructions which must be followed:


Welcome: A creative welcome without a hug or a handshake

Community: We sing and pray together with a minimum distance of 1,5 m    

Protection: A mouth-nose cover may be necessary for closer contact (Pray for me). 

We therefore recommend to bring one with you.    

Hygiene: „Clean hands pure hearts“ – disinfection at the entrance is necessary

Respect: Follow the instructions of the volunteers

Caution: Stay at home if you feel sick 

Registration online:

The number of visitors is limited, therefore registration is required.

If something comes up -> de-register by email to

You will receive information by email after filling out the registration form. 

Admission to the church service:

Be on time: Admission starts 30 minutes before the service begins.  

Possible adjustments

New information can be obtained via the Celebrate Life homepage, our telegram channel 

or WhatsApp Broadcast. We recommend checking the information regularly.

How does that sound? We hope it sounds reasonable and not scary! We’re all required to act responsibly. We trust all of us to make this effort. The service will be new, different and special, but the most important thing: Jesus is still among us!  We are looking forward to seeing you!

Your leadership team


    Online Stream

    We will stream in these days on the following dates:
    Sunday: 11 am, 4pm [English]  & 6pm
    Tuesday: 7 pm & 8 pm [English] Thursday: 7 pm & 8 pm [English]

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